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What I Learned About Life at 27

I turned 27 yesterday, and while I always thought 27 was OLD, I feel as young as ever. In 27 years I have experienced A LOT.

Always put yourself first

Always. It’s not selfish. You come first before anyone else. Don’t put anyone’s needs above your own. You are the most important person in your life so let people put you down. Don’t care too much about what other people think. Don’t waste your energy. When people don’t treat you how you feel you should be treated, don’t stress about it. Why stress over someone who clearly doesn’t have time for you or the maturity to realize they are not treating you like a decent human being? Let it go

People come and go

In our 20’s, we lose a lot of friends. We become too busy, we find ourselves talking to certain friends less, and growing apart from others. It’s always hard when you realize a friendship no longer fulfills you, but sometimes it’s necessary to move on. But the beautiful thing is you know exactly who is your best friend and you just don’t care too much about the others.

Health is the priority

Good health improves the quality of everything else: your working life, your outlook, your self-esteem, your energy levels, your confidence, and your ability to do just about everything. Yeah if you have a good physical health, you will have a good mental health as well. So, I always try to follow the healthy lifestyle because health is the most important thing that help us to be alive

Always improve your self-worth

Keep learning new things, explore the world and learn how to treat others. Reading book can help you open a new world, have the new experiences. Being friend with a good person who can help you, sharing things with you and make you happy. Learning new languages can help you in works, study and making friend – international friends. Travel as much as possible – Go – See – Explore – Experience and then you will realize that you learning a lot and you have so many stories that you can tell to others.

You will figure out your life

To be honest, I did not know what should I do to help my life better before, I was not passion in anything. But I knew that I had to study, learn new things and meet new peoples and I just did that. Eventually, I know exactly what I will do for my life!

Thank you for all those things

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