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I have started doing the thing to be the thing

Dear 2019, you provided various challenges along the way. You tested my strength. You proved that life can change at any moment. You showed me it’s okay to take my own path.

I heard that when we do want to do something, the universe will give us the power to do that. Actually it is not really magical like that but it is not wrong. When we start to do something it means something will be changed, that is what we need for the first step to change our lives and for sure, eventually, we will find a way to get what you want, one way or another. Nothing is going to change if we do not change and if we do not take action, next year or next decade will be exactly the same. We may not be able to control what happened to us but we can choose the way we react to it. We may not know what the future holds but we can cherish the present and not let it slip out of our grasp.

This year might be the tough year that I have ever had in my life and I know it’s not an end but I can overcome it so it made me stronger and better. Anyway, I’m really excited and looking forward to seeing my very first “X”.

I really want to say thank you to myself for working really hard and so brave in many decisions. I feel really full-fledged, I know how to save more money and balance the expense.

I want to say thank you to my family and friends, they are amazing and absolutely nice to me. I always feel thankful for that. Nothing changes, everything is just more reliable and resilient. Thank for my work too, it’s good enough, not much stress and my colleagues are great so I can enjoy my life. Even though I didn’t travel much this year but it’s about the priority, we can not do all things at the same time, we are human and it’s ok. I’m trying to travel more and more, this is the best way to help me learn more about the world, yeah soon …

Thank you for new people come to my life (especially E&I), you guys are all amazing, you treated me so great and I appreciate all those things that you made for me. I know I couldn’t treat you well back as what you expected but I’m glad that we are all good friends. You taught me many lessons and of course I can apply them to my life. I met many other talented people who inspire me a lot.

Tell me who you spend time with, and I will tell you who you are

I just want to be a good person, have a happy life and do not want to hurt anyone, but sometimes I have to cope with the temptation, something that made me think a lot, something that is not wrong but not right. Anyway, I tried I did try to do the best way that I could. Then, I realized that I still need to figure myself out and it takes time but it’s OK. The more I know myself, the more I know what I want. I won’t lose my dignity, I won’t lose my strength and I believe that everything will pay off.

Every year seems to go faster than the last and I know next year I will be extremely busy but it is worth waiting, 2019 you are my foundation, you represented all my hopes and dreams of a better future!! Goodbye

One day, when you are blooming in your becoming, you’ll look back in gratitude at what brought you here

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