About Me

Hey! How you doing?

I am Uyên, I am living in HCMC Vietnam and working in an IT company as a Functional Consultant. As an IT women is interesting, I think ^^

I would say that I am a positive and independent women. To be honest, I do believe that the character becomes your destiny so this is the reason why I am always trying to improve myself everyday for the better version of me and I always feel thankful for what’s happen in my life even the bad things, because everything happen for a reason. Its happy when I wake up everyday and I know that I have a long day ahead full stuff to do to achieve my goals

I know that when we are young we have to face many problems and we are on the progress of defining ourselves, looking for passion, having a lot of dreams but still have not had a right direction yet. Everyone has their own issues, yeah its life but I just keep trying to learn, to improve and I believe that in my journey I will create myself – a unique me. Our goal is having a happy life so let’s have an optimistic view on life. Our life is a journey that can take us anywhere that we hope to be. There are endless opportunities, adventures, and experiences that we can have in life.

Hearing the story, the experience of other people that can help me to learn a lot from them and I also would love to share my stories.  Hopefully, in some cases it will help you, inspire you or just simple that it will make you feel better.

I decided to write in English before but after the time that I made new international friends and I found out that they also want to learn Vietnamese. Moreover, some Vietnamese friends of mine would like to read in Vietnamese because it is easy for them so from now I will write in both 2 languages. I will write in Vietnamese first and then translate it into English, it helps me improve my English as well.

Thank for visiting and please feel free to share your stories to me **huge love**





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