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2019 – How I Am Trying To Be A Better Version Of Me

Be patient

I can not deny that I am a quick-tempered person and something happened that made me feel regret. I know that I will never have enough patience, but I’m finally learning how to be more patient with myself. I am learning to think thing through instead of rushing to make a decision based on emotion. I’m learning life’s too short to do everything I want to do, but that I must go and do the things I care about most, with the people I care about most, while I am able. I’m learning to accept that I am a human and that it’s okay to make mistakes, and that I wouldn’t be learning without them.

Be honest

Being honest with myself and others is not easy but it will help me to avoid from being in an awkward situation, to get real authentic relationships, to live my truth. I am the kind of person who is honest with the people I love without thinking of how hard the consequences may be on my heart and I quickly understand them. Apparently, I stop wasting time on the wrong people and start spending it with the right ones. I will be honest with myself about what I am looking for. I won’t try to fight my emotions or my feelings and won’t allow anyone else to tell me how I should feel. I will accept things for what they are to live through the rejection, live through the fear and live through the anxiety.

Be kind

Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see

Kindness is not something that demands hard work. It originates from the simple act of doing no harm to others. So if we can’t be kind, avoid harming others. I know that it is truly heart-opening how a simple kind act can change someone’s world. I will smile more often, display love to others, showing my respect to people, say more ‘thank you’ and ‘sorry’. While mindful of how we treat others and how we treat ourselves, remember to choose kindness. The act of giving without the expectation of anything in return is the best act of kindness.

Be strong

I am trying to be a strong woman and it does not about forcing my myself to do the hard things, it is about allowing myself to do whatever I want. I am independent and know when to lean on others. I know that it is okay when I make mistakes, when I cry, when I ask for help, when I render sadness, anxiety, vulnerability, frustration, anger, or sensitivity, when I voice my particular opinion, even when it’s not the most popular viewpoint. I will walk away from relationships that are no longer emotionally healthy and I realize that in order to give to others, I need to first give to myself. Especially, I need to put aside certain plans in order to take care of my health. Stay strong because one of those days, people who I love, who I care will look at me as an inspiration. Stay strong because my strength is making other people stronger. Stay strong because that’s how I stop people from breaking me and how I stop things from destroying me. Even though it’s easier said than done, it could still be done. Even though it might take years of practice, I can still do it. Being strong may not always be easy, but I bet it’s worth it.

Be positive

Positive thoughts = Positive actions = Positive results

Realist, idealist and everything in between, many of us are coping with similar day to day problems but we have the different ways to face these problems. To me, I believe that better things will come along when things are going wrong and good things happen to a good person with a good attitude. I try to eat more healthier, travel more, reading and learning more and appreciate everything I have. I live a life beyond compare and judge. It is okay to complain sometimes or to feel hopeless. However, do not make complaining a habit. It is okay to be sad but I know that although others can still hurt me, they can’t destroy me. That is because when I think positively, I can get through anything in life.

In 2019, enjoy every moment. Make it a year to remember.

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