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2018 Thank You For An Amazing Year

2018 was a year of self-realization, growth and personal development, it also was a big year for me with changes to my set routines and new people introduced into my life.

I have a stable job in my company, I have worked there for a long time and now I still choose this place, there have a great working environment and nice people. Some of my co-workers are not only my colleagues but also my friends, they always make me feel happy for going to work.

In order to accomplish my targets I must change my everyday routine, it’s absolutely difference to the old one so I have to push myself to follow it. I always put my health as a top priority, nothing is important more than our health, in both physical health and mental health. I get used to going to gym in morning, cooking more often and trying to eat as clean as possible. Before going to bed, I usually reading book or watching news, v-blog, so on. This year I am aware of how important of the book to me, it helps me to found my own way and inspires me a lot. Apparently, reading book will always be in my to-do list.

I keep learning English with my great  teacher, yes I would say that he is like my second dad, he usually bring me food and drink, we can talk about anything. He is the best person that I have ever met in my life, he always ask “How was your day?” and this question is the best question ever, it shows how people care about you, yeah just so sweet! I always feel grateful for that and appreciate how lucky I am to know him. There is only one regret that I have not had a chance to visit his beautiful hometown, as he always want me to do this, but I promise that I will and I am trying my best to get ready for this. In addition, he told me that I should learn another language so Chinese is my choice. In the past, I can not deny that I didn’t like Chinese but it’s different now, I am familiar with Chinese by listening music and watching film and to be honest I like it, definitely like it. I took one Chinese course for the beginner, but I did not have much time to learn so I need to focus on this next year. Anyway, this new experience is really interesting.

A new little angel appeared in my family, he is adorable. I have two nephew now and I hope they will always have a good life. This year I spent more time with my family and everything seems more stable, I hope that my family will be healthier and happier.

My life would be so boring without my friend and yes I just want to say that my friends they are so great, they give me joy, motivation, experience and I always thank them for that. This year we traveled together to many places, we made our memorable memories and once again it is a blessing that I always feel grateful. I am waiting for a friend who will come back Vietnam to visit, 1 year without him I get used to with it and I hope that he will always be happy and success with his path (if you read this, remember that I miss you). And one more friend, he is going to leave Vietnam soon but I believe that this is not the goodbye, this is the good thing for him, we will meet again. (for you, yes it’s you bro, remember what I told you before and be better, be happy). I happy for my friends that they can achieved their goals and it also give me more motivation to try, change my life in the way that I wish I could. In a relationship I always try my best with it, to make sure I don’t regret anything because in the future, no one is sure about anything and we should not promise. And later on, no matter how far that relationship goes, I am always happy for that.

And last but not least, I made this website, I want it to be a place to keep my stories, experiences and a place to share with people who care about. I hope that what I write can help someone, can make them feel better or have a better day. I decided to use English for my site because I want to improve my English especially in writing, there will have the mistake, as always, but you know that I’m trying!

This year is all about moving forward. All about choosing optimism in all situations. All about seeing the good in everyone and everything. All about pursuing my dreams and looking into the future with enthusiasm. I can keep on shining not just myself, but for others too. Therefore, I can confidently say that I am ready for whatever the next year brings.

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